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In the Santiago Development Center started the idea of teach courses and workshops about subjects of interest, these classes would be given by the same people of the center. This idea turn into the Certification Program.

So my team and I started a UX course focused on our dev friends, we call it "UX 4 devs".


Teachers, guides and facilitators could be any person of the center that would be interested to teach something as long as there were people needing to learn it. This way my team began to brainstorm a UX Course focusing on developers. We thought that this could be a good way to put our developer friends in a different context that would help them in their job.


This course was formed by four members of the UX team. We designed the curriculum and the activities, besides each member has the mission of lecturing 2 of the 8 classes. The curriculum consisted in 8 classes delivered weekly of 1 hour and 30 minutes, with 20 students tops. Classes were the following:

  1. Intro to UX
  2. Personas
  3. User Journey
  4. Information Architecture
  5. UI components
  6. Wireframes
  7. Prototypes
  8. User testing


The idea of this course is to deliver basic tools to understand the work behind the design of an application from scratch starting from the research about user needs, going through personas design, IA and wireframes ending on testing. This course was though as a workshop because we want that the developers put aside their laptops and were able to put more effort into create and discuss about these topics which is why the work is done by postits, paper, cards and whiteboard.

So far, it has been a great experience, the course have had a huge reception and the guys and girls are understanding better the idea behind the course, they have acquired a great knowledge of some topics and they are expecting to learn more. We trust that this course would be a support to their daily tasks as developers and help them to reach solutions from a more human point of view with the use of the applications and the technologies, that they can use the empathy, the logic and the data base on users behavior with a better understanding about who would use the product and how they would use it.

Also, this experience help me to take the decision of be part of the Certification Program for the next year, helping to build a better learning environment for my colleagues.

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